Fencing for team building

Originally a form of self-defense, fencing has now become an enjoyable sport for people of all ages. As a matter of fact, even those with disabilities play it. If you're looking for a unique and fun activity for your team building, this may be worth a shot.

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You wouldn't find many people playing fencing on their company outing because many think that this is something only done on a formal setting. There are different levels and weapons that can be used in fencing and you'll be surprised how interesting this sport is.

Promotes Critical Thinking

One of the qualities that can be developed while playing fencing on your team building is critical thinking. You may be having fun, but this also helps you to become strategic and execute moves to win the game. Just like dealing with difficult work situations, you have to calculate the risks of your moves and estimate your opponent's possible shots.


Teaming up with different workmates can promote camaraderie which is sometimes hard to develop in the office. Weekdays can be busy so people don't often mingle with others. Team building activities are not just for small companies, but also for big ones that wish to keep their people acquainted and comfortable with each other.

Staying Healthy

Fencing can be a good form of workout. For some, it is be better than doing hardcore exercises. There is no need to run fast or to carry heavy weights when doing this sport, however it requires coordination and quick thinking.

Making Team Building More Fun

If you want to make your activity more enjoyable, you can deviate from the formal rules of fencing and add your own twists to it. For instance, instead of using swords, you can use funny toy magic wands or light sabers from Star Wars. You can use hot items as rewards whenever a team wins a round. Losing teams can be made to perform a short number in front of the winning team just for the laughs. There are other ideas that you can incorporate to your planned activity to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Things to Keep in Mind

Just like any sport, it is important to wear safety gear. You do not want to entertain risks into your team building by letting anyone play without putting on protective clothing. Fencing can cause injuries if done without face or body covers. To ensure that everyone gets home without injuries after team building, it is important to include wearing safety gear on your house rules.